Sønderborg and the world is waiting for YOU

Small Nordic towns are experiencing a decrease in the young population, which can challenge the sustainability of towns. A solution to this challenge can be to enhance attractiveness and create local ownership among the youth. Co-creation and participation can contribute to form ownership among young people and thereby create a sustainable local environment.


The Youth and SDGs are in Focus here in Sønderborg. As a part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ project, Nordic Towns, Sønderborg will strive to develop the right recipe for youth empowerment and co-creation within the framework of the Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs). This work will be presented and qualified at the Youth Summit 2019 in Sønderborg.



is the key to sustainability in towns


Want to make a difference?

Youth Summit 2019 (YS19) is an empowering event which contributes to address youth empowerment and to reach the SDG’s. All participants will develop personal competences and capabilities to take action for the 2030 Agenda. This increases the empowerment of each individual.

Creating a sustainable future

Outcome of Youth Summit 2019: Securing empowerment of YOUTH through-out the Nordic town through participation and co-creation